Connecting the dots ._.

One of the best games we have all played in various magazines and newspapers as kids. While you set out to connect the dots, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to foster the belief that somehow all the dots will connect to a great shape in the future. GLOSS, the open source community at SASTRA drew its inspiration from this game and decided to connect the various dots that are part and parcel of a studentís day-to-day life at SASTRA. The entire application is developed using open source technologies with an elite student team believing to give the best to the student community at SASTRA.

The Student Toolkit is a single portal that caters to various university roles like Students, Alumni, Guests, Administrators and so on. The power packed features of the toolkit take you through the complete process, right from getting your syllabi, placing your id card and transcript requests, hostel permissions, to booking rooms at the Guest House, in a glib and efficient manner. Now, all you need to do is a few clicks here and a few clicks there, enjoying the comfort of your rooms, and there you go...your work is done!!!!