CeNTAB is endowed with a team of highly qualified, motivated and dedicated faculty, enthusiastic research scholars and ably supported by faculty from inter-related disciplines. The faculty team at CeNTAB includes an Innovative Young Biotechnologist Awardee,Young Career Awardee, Professors with training & research experience in USA, patent holders, etc. The team is qualified to handle a diverse set of Nanotechnology-based applications like

  • Development of novel 3D polymeric scaffolds for tissue engineering
  • Stem cells & regenerative medicine
  • Biodegradable dressings for accelerated wound healing
  • Nano drug delivery systems for targeted & sustained release
  • Nano Sensors
  • Nano Electronic devices
  • Synthesis of Nano materials for health care applications
  • Nanofluidic based engine

Dr. S. Swaminathan

Director , Center for Nanotechnology and Advanced Biomaterials

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Research Interests:

Regenerative medicines, Stem cells, Drug Delivery System.


Dr. K. Uma Maheswari

Dr. K. S. Rajan


Dr. M. Vijayalakshmi

Dr. R. John Bosco Balaguru


Dr. R. Ganapathy


Dr. R. S. Santhosh


Dr. M. Sridharan

Dr. P. Meera

Dr. S. Anuradha


Dr. Stalin S

Dr. Gino A. Kurian

Dr. Vairaprakash

Dr. Preethy Chandran

Dr. K. Thiyagarajan

Dr. Adline Princy

Dr. Sivaraman

Dr. Thiyagaraja Raman

Dr. Anbazhan

Dr.C. Umamaheswari

Dr. Philip Anthony

Dr. N.T. Saraswathi

Dr. Chandramouli